A place to share some thoughts on issues I have investigated, as well as quality teaching I have discovered from churches around the world. Some of the links will take you outside the site. If you need the URL for one of these sites, right click on the link and select Properties.

The Gospel and Christian Living

What Jesus Means To Me - Author: Alan Marshall - A short essay weaving together the essential truths of the christian faith and explaining how these truths have taken root in my own heart.

Understanding Romans 7 and 8 - Author: Alan Marshall - A passage-by-passage commentary that I hope you will enjoy. You will need to read the scripture passages before each section of comment. I think it contains some fresh insights, and it has recieved positive feedback.

Understanding Galatians - Author: Alan Marshall - Paulís epistle to the Galatians takes up a mere four pages in most bibles, yet it is of profound importance to a right understanding of the christian faith. This passage-by-passage commentary is written for pastors and cell group leaders.

Know the Truth, Live the Truth, Spread the Truth - Author: Alan Marshall - This is really a mission statement for this web site. A challenge to all, including myself, to seek after and not compromise God's truth, and to live in a manner that is consistent with it.

The Revelation in Jesus of the One God "I AM" - Author: Alan Marshall - The Israelites knew God as "I AM WHO I AM", and by the associated names "I AM your provider", "I AM your healer", "I AM your peace" and "I AM your righteousness". Jesus claimed to be the Messiah, the eternal Son of God. His claims to be the full revelation, in himself, of the God "I AM" are truly astonishing.

Holy Spirit

Tongues of Angels? - Author: Alan Marshall - Were what Paul refers to as "tongues of angels" common in Corinth, or does Paul believe they were generally tongues of mankind? What is the meaning of the sign of speaking in tongues, and how should that guide us in assessing the modern phenomenon?

Tongues of Men - Experiences shared by readers, where speaking in tongues have been recognised as a language of mankind.

Tongues Forum - Extracts form other email responses to the above essay.

Slain in the Spirit? - Author: Albert Van Leeuwen - An honest and thought provoking essay by a respected friend.

Healing Testimonies have been moved to JesusRealToday.htm. Includes some inspiring stories from my friends Flo Hedges (immeditely healed of lupus) and Mandy Dixon (immediately healed of chronic fatigue).


Are You a Jabez Junkie? - Author: Alan Marshall - An examination of prosperity teaching in the light of the the teaching and lifestyle of Jesus and the apostles. Suggests our model for prayer should that which Jesus gave us. Distinguishes between weath and provision, and the present but yet to be fulfilled kingdom of God. Finally, it challenges the church to recover its historic concern for the poor.

Prosperity Doctrine - Author: Albert Van Leeuwen - A no-nonsense essay by a respected friend. He has written on a number of other issues which you can explore at

Giving Until It Lowers Our Lifestyle - Author: Denis Rupert - Based on a study of 2 Corinthians 8:1-9, this is a timely call to generosity to God and to needy christians, not to gain something in return, but in cheerful gratitude for God's provision.

Society and Culture

The Antiquity of the Phonics Method - Author: Alan Marshall - Submission to the (Australian Government) National Enquiry into the Teaching of Literacy. The boy Jesus could read - why can't our kids read? The reason is that postmodern educators have rejected science, ancient wisdom and common sense.

Science and The Environment

Christians and the Environment - A Study Guide - Author: Alan Marshall - Examines scriptures relevant to this topic. Sections are: A Creation Mandate; A Pepetual Covenant; The Redemption of Creation; Our Response.

Christians' Environmental Forum - Extracts form email responses to the study guide.

Christians' Environmental Directory - A selection of web sites that present christian perspectives on environmental issues.

Earth Bow Paper: - Author: Abby Chapple. Presentation of 19 web pages. Highly recommended. The title she has given it comes from the profound observation that the covenant of the rainbow is a covenant with all life on Earth.

Per-Capita Emmission Quotas - Author: Alan Marshall - A letter sent to John Howard and Al Gore shortly before the Kyoto summit in 1997 on greenhouse gas control. It argues that techical solutions are available, and that market mechanisms will be required to ensure we adopt them. In particular, it argues that the only fair way ahead for both developed and developing countries is for emmission targets to be based on population rather than (often excessive) historical consumption.

Are We Alone? - Will the four missions launched this year towards Mars find any trace of life? What is the scientific and scriptural evidence for the uniqueness of mankind?

Relating the Old Testament to the New

The Ethics of the Ten Commandments in the Teaching of Jesus and His Apostles - Author: Alan Marshall - Do you realise that Jesus and / or his apostles confirm the essential principle of every one of the ten commandments?

Paul's Teaching on the Sabbath - Author: Alan Marshall - An encouragement to churches who make an issue about worshipping on Saturday, or worshipping on Sunday, to see the bigger picture. Compelling evidence of Sunday worship in Paul's letters and among the disciples of the apostle John, while understanding that in the earliest days of the church, every day was a day of worship!

Sabbath Forum - Extracts form email responses to the above essay.

How to Apply the Old Testament to Today - Author: Denis Rupert of New Life Community Church, Stafford, Virginia, USA - An excellent starting point in exploring how a christian makes use of the moral principles in the old testament. Click here for my review.

Free from the Law, but Not Against the Law - Author: Denis Rupert - Another instructive little essay on relating the old and new testaments.


The Fate of the Lost  - Author: Alan Marshall - Have you ever wondered whether traditional teaching about "hell" is really true? Here is a biblical, challenging alternative!

Predestination: A Scary and Contentious Issue - Author: Martin Foord - This is simply the best, most concise, article on predestination I have ever read. It explains not just what it means, but why it is important if we are to fully appreciate what God has done for us. It also includes four helpful tests to ensure we keep a balanced view.

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