Some of my favourite places on the Web ...


The film "Jesus" - Tens of millions have responded to the gospel, after viewing this video of the life of Christ. Produced by christians and using Luke's gospel, it has quite an impact. The full 2 hour version is particularly powerful.
Alpha Course - This 10 week video-based course is the most positve presentation of Christianity I have ever seen. It has been exploding in the UK over the past four years, and is now offered by many churches in Sydney.
Guide to Early Church Documents - The writings of the first 600 years of the christian era are now in digital form, and promise to have quite an impact on our understanding of a number of issues.
The Bible Gateway - A fantastic resource for any christian. On-line concordance in all bible translations. Search for a word, combination of words, or an exact phrase. Copy and paste bible text into your Word documents. Create links to bible text from your web page.
Christian Blind Mission International - This organisation, which is similar to the Fred Hollows Foundation, does a great deal of good with relatively little money.


NASA - Photographs from interplanetary exploration.


The Suzuki Foundation - Environmentalist David Suzuki. Need I say more?
Planet Ark - The site of Reuters environment news. Thousands of articles. Use a keyword search to quickly locate those that interest you.


Jubilee 2000 - This coalition of christian organisations, who are committed to releasing third world countries from crippling debt is now having influence with the IMF and world leaders (read Leviticus 25, Matthew 18:23-27).
The White House - Interesting coverage of American and international political agenda.


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