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August 2002
This is the second issue of my newsletter. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Alan Marshall. The purpose of these emails is to draw attention to new essays, and other food for thought, published on my personal web site, www.alanmarshall.org.

Complementing the above, I am also developing an evangelistic site, www.jesusisreal.org. The aim is to present high quality evidence, both historical and contemporary, for embracing the christian faith. There is a focus on seeking to understand what God is doing in this day.

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Are You a Jabez Junkie?  
The title may be a little provocative, but the current hype surrounding Jabez must be challenged. This essay provides an alternate understanding of the passage, and more importantly, examines the life and teaching of Jesus and the apostles in relation to wealth, trusting God for daily provision, and compassion for the poor.
Know the Truth, Live the Truth, Spread the Truth
Truth is my passion, and is the only motivation for these essays and this site. I do not pretend to have any unique access to truth, but I have a hunger for it, and believe Jesus when he says "Seek and you will find". There are churches which are always studying the bible, but have little real experience of God in their lives. Others are constantly telling their members to spread the message, without making sure they understand what the message actually is! All churches need to strive towards the biblical balance, for we cannot live the truth unless we know it, and we cannot spread the truth unless we live it!

Christians and the Environment - A Study Guide 
This is one of my earlier essays, but I have included it because it has received a lot of positive feedback from christians who believe we have a mandate from God for environmental protection, but are unsure of how to put this very political issue into an appropriate biblical framework.

Jesus is Real in History!
Excavation at Calvary
Calvary is the name by which we know the biblical site of Golgotha, meaning "place of the skull", where Jesus was crucified. There are sound reasons for identifying this site with skull-like rock formation on the escarpment of Mount Moriah just outside the north wall of the old city of Jerusalem. It was in 1979, at a nearby point along this escarpment, that God led Ron Wyatt, after gaining permission from the local authorities, to commence an archaeological excavation. What was discovered there is so astonishing that most will have difficulty beieving it. If this includes you, I wish to share with you a word of wisdom. First investigate Ron Wyatt's claims regarding the Red Sea crossing and Mt. Sinai. If you find the evidence for these earlier discoveries compelling, you may begin to feel a sense of awe at what God showed him at Calvary.

At left is a photo from the Wyatt Museum showing a top view of the square hole that is likely to have supported the main beam of the cross on which Jesus was crucified. As the lighting is directly overhead, there are no shadows. However, the hole is around 2 ft. deep. The gospel records that at the time of Jesus death there was an earthquake. There is evidence of this in the crack which runs across the rock floor, intersecting with this hole.

At right Jonathon Gray, an Australian researcher who has examined much of Wyatt's evidence, holds the stone which capped the above hole when it was first found. Presumably its function was to keep earth and water from filling the hole

Do yourself a favour and take the time to read the full account of this excavation, for there many more significant discoveries than can be summarised here!

A Defence of Ron Wyatt

You will find there are plenty of web sites critical of Wyatt's claims, as well as those that support him. While a full survey of the archaeological evidence supporting the bible would include many other discoveries, Wyatt's finds are too important to be ignored. Each of his archaeological sites needs to assessed on its merits, and some require excavation before his claims can be confirmed. In my next newsletter, I will provide you with a careful evaluation of his work which I believe will demonstrate his integrity.

Jesus is Real Today!
Bob Brasset in Australia

Whatever your churches position on the purpose of miracles, it is undeniable that over the last century, some christian men and women have exercised remarkable ministries of healing.

One of the most gifted in this area currently is Bob Brasset, a pastor from the Vineyard network of churches in Canada. In October 2000 in Sydney, I saw his gentle but powerful ministry firsthand. Many serious illnesses were graciously healed. use the above link to read the conference report. There were physical manifestaions of the presence of God. On five or more people who were being healed, including a friend of mine, specks of gold miraculously appeared! I had the priviledge of recovering one of these specks and photographing it using a microscope. Don't believe me? Well have a look at this:

Of course, I cannot prove to you where this gold came from, but for those of us present it was a marvelous sign of his power and love, and of his coming kingdom.

In April 2002, Bob returned to Sydney. There were more marvelous healings which you can read about in "Down Under Once Again"


A great testimony of healing that I can personally confirm. Mandy suffered from chronic fatigue for 11 years. Crying out to God, she received a promise that was fulfilled in December last year. Read for yourself how her life has been transformed!

Book Reviews

"In the Grip of Grace"; Max Lucado; Word Publishing
For those of you have enjoyed reading Philip Yancey's "What's So Amazing About Grace", and are wondering what to follow it up with, I recommend this rather different book from Max Lucado. Yancey's book is rather special in that it is dealing with people's stories rather than theology, with grace (or the lack of it) in communities and cultures. In contrast, Lucado's book is an exploration of the dimensions of grace based on theme verses selected from Romans. He begins the book with a parable, and invites us to think about with which character we identify ourselves. The book is worth reading just for its chapter on Romans 8 alone, and its affirmation that "God is for us!"
This book is currently stocked by Koorong. Click here for their review.

"Ark of the Covenant"; Jonathon Gray (book and CD)
I highly recommend this book, even though we must patiently wait for God to reveal all that surrounds this mystery. It tells the story behind the above article, "Excavation at Calvary". Even if you are left feeling uncertain about the claims regarding the ark, what it reveals about the crucifixion site and tomb of Jesus fully justify its purchase. The CD is even better, and is a very professional Multimedia presentation. You can order both the book and the CD from:
Jonathon Gray, PO Box 3370, Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA 5000
The book is also stocked by Koorong. Click here for their review.
"The Sign of the Kingdom"; George E. Kouri and Richard Hogue; Apostolic Ministries International
A very interesting thesis that sees the destruction of Jerusalem in AD70 as the sign of the end of the old covenant. I can't agree with everything, but it does an excellent job of demonstrating that end-time prophecy is as equally concerned with this critical time in history as it is with the period leading up to Christ's return.
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